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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ketua Editor Kumpulan, The Star, Datuk Wong Chun Wai di dalam artikelnya “The decline in population of the Chinese in this country needs to be addressed with far-sighted solutions” bertarikh 9/5/2010 nampak begitu gusar apabila berlaku terlalu banyak penghijrahan keluar kaum Cina dari negara ini yang dianggarkan lebih dari 300,000 orang dalam 18 bulan yang lepas.

Melalui kajian ISEAS, adalah juga dianggarkan dalam masa 25 tahun lagi jumlah kaum Cina akan menjadi kesit sebanyak 18.6% dari jumlah penduduk Malaysia. Menjelang 2035 populasi penduduk Malaysia dijangka sebanyak 41 juta dan majoriti 72.1% adalah Bumiputera.

Hari ini akhbar NST telah menyiarkan kejayaan seorang pendatang dari negara Cina yang melolos dari negara nya pada tahun 1955 kerana tidak tahan dengan kemiskinan.

Its history goes back to 1955 when Lai Poh Tian, to escape poverty in China, sold the family's only cow and borrowed some money to get on a ship to what was then Malaya.

"My father is from a family of three boys. He used to feed the cow every morning before going to school," executive director Lai Sia Ling said.

Sia Ling, who is the fourth among four sons and a daughter, said that when his father landed in Klang, Selangor, he worked as a labourer.

After working for about 14 years, the senior Lai opened the first store, a wooden sundry shop, which was less than 200 sq ft, in 1941 in Port Klang. The shop was named Yong Long.

Later on, the sundry shop was replaced by a mini-market. In 1955, the family opened their first supermarket.

In 1997, the five Lai siblings decided to expand the business and it led to the
opening of the first Econsave store in Pandamaran, Klang.

"We were known for our low prices and we coined a term to represent our strategy," Sia Ling said, adding that Econsave stood for being economical and providing savings to consumers.

Over the past 13 years, the retailer has grown into a billion-ringgit business with 37 outlets in Peninsular Malaysia and 4,000 employees.

This makes it the biggest local supermarket/hypermarket chain. Today, it can boast that it serves 3,000 customers a day per store.

It comes as no surprise then that merchant bankers often approach Econsave to persuade them to consider listing the company on the stock exchange or a possible merger and acquisition.

All of which, however, Sia Ling has politely declined.

ECONSAVE Cash & Carry is a Malaysian family-run retail brand that everyone recognises but knows very little about.

Apabila mengikuti perkembangan ini apakah benar kenyataan Datuk Wong Chun Wai seperti di bawah konon ingin menyatakan kesetiaan bangsa Cina di bumi ini.

"The majority of Chinese would stay in this country because they love Malaysia and they do not know any other country, just like their Malay and Indian brethren.

A week in a foreign land, even China, is enough and they will yearn to come home to where they were born and will certainly die in"

Itu lah ceritanya bangsa Cina. Menyedari dalam masa yang pendek ini di mana mereka akan menjadi kecil dan nampak seperti ada peluang besar, mereka akan menuntut apa juga yang mereka boleh tuntut termasuk hak-hak kaum lain yang selama ini mereka tidak pernah sentuh seperti kontrak sosial.

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