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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Melayu undi Melayu dan Bumi undi Bumi?

Sekarang ini bayangan bahawa orang Cina boleh memerintah Malaysia sudah semakin jelas kelihatan sejak PRU-12 lalu apabila DAP menguasai Pulau Pinang dan Perak dengan bantuan PKR dan Pas yang diterajui orang Melayu. Jika mereka benar-benar mahu memerintah negara ini, mereka tidak perlu mengharapkan Anwar Ibrahim kerana dengan penyatuan DAP, MCA dan Gerakan, sudah cukup bagi mereka untuk memerintah Malaysia.
Aku percaya dengan membawa sentimen Malaysia akan diperintah oleh orang Cina melalui pakatan DAP-MCA-Geraka, maka sudah pasti para pengundi dari kaum tersebut akan memberi undi habis-habisan kepada ketiga-tiga parti terbesar mewakili kaum tersebut. Jika sentimen ini dibawa di dalam kempen ketiga-tiga parti terbabit, aku percaya pakatan tiga parti Cina ini boleh “memerintah” Malaysia, kalau tidak pada PRU-13, mungkin selepas itu.
Menurut pandangan Another Brick in the Wall (ABITW) sini, tidak patut kaum Cina mengundi hanya berdasarkan kaum saja.
The believe is that Chinese has tasted blood in Penang, Perak and Selangor and the time to wrest power is now. No more is the strategy for “different ships to sail the same direction.”
For the Chinese to take such a chauvanistic attitude for political power, it is not a smart move. Chinese cannot hold to power without the support of the other races. Just like Malay majority cannot pursue only Malay policies, Chinese majority cannot be inward looking like what is happening in Penang.
It could backfire and cost them politically. And worst still, it would destabilise the peace and prosperity of the country.
Ia bertanya kembali:
With the Bumiputera and Malays population at more than 60%, what would happen if they responded with a call for “Melayu undi Melayu” and “Bumiputera undi Bumiputera” for East Malaysia?
It means to consider ones race first in ones consideration to vote. The party is only considered when it a case of Malay against Malay or Bumiputera against Bumiputera. This idea is not difficult to promote. All it takes is an Ibrahim Ali-type character to make this call nationwide.
What happens to the nation if the whole nation decide to vote on purely racial consideration?
Berpecah, huru hara dan perang?

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