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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I love Cockroaches… and ants…. and spiders…

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Yes I love roaches…  it’s true.  And not just one kind…. oh no, I love all kinds of roaches.  I love German Cockroaches.  I love American Cockroaches.  Oh, and I especially love those little Oriental Cockroaches too.  But don’t forget about spiders or ants because I love them too!!!

What?  You don’t love these little Critters?  That is exactly why I do love them…  because they keep you calling me!

Of course people say they don’t love roaches and ants and spiders….but I’m not sure if I believe them or not?  After all if you truly don’t love these little critters crawling around your home why have you worked so hard to create the perfect environment for them to survive? 
Shocked?  Stunned?  Or just living in denial?  If you have teenagers, or find yourself cleaning up the mess from a midnight snack the next day when you come home from work chances are it is just a matter of time before a roach or at the very least an ant will call your place home.  Why?  The answer is simple, they have to eat and if you are going to insist on providing them with an easy meal they will accept. 
I would estimate in the homes I treat for cockroaches I discover a hidden stash of trash which includes food particles, candy wrappers and half eaten items in 98% of those homes.  The majority of the time this insect haven is located in the children’s living space.  But not always, remember protecting your environment begins with you….
So you may hate ants and spiders and roaches….and that is okay, because we love them!!!!!!!!


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