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The concept of this baiting system lies on the attractant or bait lure as this consist a high content of cellulose, which do not contain any toxicant or chemical.


Judging from the size of the TBS tubes and baits lure, a mass recruitment of termites is essential as worker termites constantly storage for wood and food source to feed the colony. These stations will be inspected between 2 to 4 weeks where once TBS baits lure is found, termites will leave trails to summon their nest mates to the food centre. Purpose of treating large numbers of captured termites where it leads to more death to the treated termite’s colony during termiticide treatment.Termiticides, (which is approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia) will then apply into the infested TBS tubes to eliminate them. Please note that it is important that the treated TBS is not disturbed in any way once the termite’s toxicant is applied. This will do by re-inspecting on the monitoring station for another 10 to 14 days.



After the successful colony elimination, TBS BAITING SYSTEM will act as a continuous and permanent monitoring device, which will be on duty to find and eliminate any new colony that will invade your property. Further re-inspection and re-activation of baits lure will be carried out on a quarterly interval.

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